Hassle-free moving and logistics at your fingertips.

Moving is stressful. We've got your back so you can focus on the more important things. MoveChamp brings all your admin into one place. It's a brilliantly automated, centralized platform for estimations, messaging, booking and payments for the modern individual and business on the move.

We've got you covered!

Whether you're a moving company, independant driver or an individual simply looking to get your treasures responsibly moved, we've got the services to manage your next move effortlessly.

Customer Services

Get Instant Estimations

Instantly compare services from trusted companies in your area for the best experience. No more flaky quotes!

Manage Your Moves

Need things moved often? Now you can view details, contact movers and customize the experience of all your moves on one platform.

Automated Reminders

We'll keep you notified when your mover needs extra information and even remind you when your next move is coming up.

Share Feedback

Help the community by identifying great moving experiences. Rate the good and the bad to help others find the right moving partner.


Our team vets all companies on the platform in order to ensure you're working with trusted companies and teams.


All transactions and conversations are 100% encrypted and secure for your privacy and protection. We only deal with PCI compliant payment service providers.

Become a Partner

Have some spare time and a suitable vehicle? Attach a company to your profile, start moving goods and earn an extra income.

How does it work for customers?


Sign Up


Sign In


Enter Locations, Date & Preferred Time


Choose a Specific Vehicle Type


Generate Trusted Service Results


Select a Service & Pay Securely


You're All Done! Grab a Coffee

Move Partner Services

Manage Your Services

Create and manage attractive moving services that allow customers to instantly reserve your vehicles and crews.

Manage Your Vehicles

Assign your vehicles to operational areas in order to ensure your vehicles are as close to the action as possible.

Manage Your Reach

Instantly see your national reach and adjust operations for greater market share.

Manage Your Representatives

Invite your staff and manage their access to help build up your online moving empire.

Manage Your Schedules

Always see where your vehicles will need to be and when.

Manage Your Moves

View detail, print invoicing, contact customers and sort moves to keep in touch with your business.

Reporting & Analytics

Report against your vehicles, crews and services to optimise your enterprise. Consume rich analytics from customers to better tailor your services.

Keep Your Identity

Craft personal, unique experiences between your brand and customers. MoveChamp is a place to grow your company, not be shadowed by it.

How does it work for move partners?


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Register as Company or Independant Driver


Register Your Fleet


Create and Publish a Service


Get New, Quality Business


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MoveChamp is in limited preview release.


We charge no monthly or subscription fees to manage your moves on our platform, but rather a per-move fee depending on the vehicle type from as little as of R5.00 flat rate + 3.5%* of the move's value. These fees cover our administrative costs.

* Beta pricing as of 27/07/2020

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